Who we are?

Faton Media is a media enterprise established in 2013. Our services are mainly focusing in mass media, serving SMEs in Finland and some EU-member countries.

Apart from the main services that we offer, we also deal with various projects that are dedicated to integration of foreigners, youth and business services.

Quality, honesty and confidentiality towards our clients are our goals which we aim to realize in cooperation with our partners. Our focus on services that we provide depends on our client's demands. Our focus on project development depends on our client's needs, therefore, our work is an ongoing process.

Even the company has been running for few years, the project "Diaspora" (ex Emigranti), as a part of Gjiganti.com which aims to help all Albanian-speakers living abroad has been developing for over ten years. We know, this is a long time and lot of work, but we are proud to say, this is the most unique project ever made for Albanian-speakers immigrants.