Welcome to "Cone Spinner"

Cone Spinner is a new playground game which aims to give to children and adults a lot of fun and several other benefits such as be with people, away from electronic devices, relax and physical health.

To understand the way how it works this game, sometimes might be difficult to describe how fun it is therefore benefits from the game we divided in four parts.

Today, digitalization has change the world in many ways. People are living in an environment where devices follow us everywhere. Cone Spinner help you and your children or friends to be closer and spend more time together through this real playground game which you can play on the ground or indoor halls.

As a matter of fact, children are addicted by digital games therefore Cone Spinner give a chance to get away from electronic devices and have fun with real game playing on the ground and flat surfaces area.

Following the game when Cone Spinner whirl, your brains will relax and pay attention to keep the game going on.

Beside the benefits from being together with each other and away from electronic devices, Cone Spinner make your body moving all the time which means you are doing real sport and have fun at the same time.